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Here you’ll find a selection of the most interesting interviews that Alex has conducted, either from his own Marketing podcast of through his role as the host of the Product-Cast, the Giftware Associations weekly podcast. Make sure to check back regularly – new episodes will be listed as and when they are published!

Alex presents... Gift of the Year 2021

If you think YOU’RE tired of Zoom, try hosting 22x separate award ceremonies via zoom over the space of 6 days… well that is exactly the task Alex undertook when The Giftware Association (part of the British Allied Trade Federation) engaged him to deliver a very different kind of event back in January 2021.

The Gift of the Year awards are over 40 years old, the longest running in the industry, and are usually held at Spring Fair – the largest Gift & Homewares trade show in the UK calendar. Of course, events are off and everyone is adapting, so the decision was made to give each of the 22 award categories it’s own platform and own event.

Marketing 101 was engaged to create the content and manage the presentations, while Alex hosted the events. In total, 12 hours of footage was edited down to 3x one hour highlights videos that we aired at Spring Fair At Home. Below is a highlights video or you can see all the full videos here!

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners, we look forward to hosting you on the Product-Cast very soon!

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