Hi and welcome! The video below is the first in a series of educational slots that Alex is delivering to the networking group Big Business Breakfast Club (formerly the Global Breakfast).

In this first episode we receive a quick introduction to Alex and Marketing 101, briefly touching on the origins of the brand, born from giving voluntary marketing support to businesses that were struggling or adapting during the beginning of the C19 pandemic.

We then move on to the topic for the day – a simple marketing mix that can be installed into any business with relatively low financial and resource investment. Understand how content can drive traffic to your website, and how to make the most of those website visitors through data capture and cookies.

If you have any questions at all about the content herein, or would like to discuss your own marketing requirements, then please jump over to the contact page, here.

To sign up for future Big Business Breakfast Clubs contact jim@OFMG.co.uk

To visit Marketing 101; https://marketing-101.co.uk

To visit Alex Ryan’s consultancy site; https://alexryanuk.com

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