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Unique marketing perspective plus a wealth of experience

Alex Ryan is a marketing strategist specialising in growth through brand awareness and digital exposure. He has specific product and retail expertise working in merchandise and gift with virtually every major high street retailer in the UK and some of the biggest brands in the world like Disney, Warner Bros, and Nintendo.

As an inspiring motivator ('Insights' personality type) Alex finds great success in guiding businesses to find the most appropriate marketing path for their situation and goals.

“Everything is marketing, so marketing is everything – no part of your business should avoid scrutiny and no opportunity should go un-explored. I like think beyond the natural confines of ‘marketing’ to first tidy and refine your activities then track down the highest impact opportunity.” – Alex Ryan


Marketing 101 - Founder

A marketing agency that delivers support in areas such as SEO, Social Media, Content Creation, Podcasting, Amazon SEO and Web Design.

Marketing 101 Podcast - Host

The M101 podcast delivers free advice, guidance and strategy to it's listeners. Great for any sized business or the self-employed.

Prod-Cast Host - Client Podcast

The Product-Cast is the key UK gift industry podcast made for Gift of the Year and supported by the Giftware Association.

Alex presents...

Alex also works as a presenter for a variety of customers, events and media projects including awards hosting, unboxing, product reviews/demos and sales pitches. Find some examples below


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"I love flowers because they are the perfect marketing benchmark. They grow, evolve and survive. They never fail to be unique in a crowded environment and they attract exactly the right visitors at exactly the right time."

Alex Ryan